Krysta’s Profile

Krysta Whitney RMTKrysta Whitney, Registered Massage Therapist, Guelph Ontario

  • Practising massage therapy since 1994.
  • Cranio Structural Integration
  • NISA certification.

After completing the Nisa certification, I joined Margaret Colborne and associates at Colborne Therapy Centre in Toronto.

To further develop my Nisa skills, I  co-instructed massage therapy students at Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy, as well as co-instructing Nisa certification workshops.

My personal interests reflect my work.  A strong passion for road cycling, teaching women’s learn to ride workshops, hiking in the Alps and Himalayas, and nordic skiing are my latest obsessions.  The  knowledge and skills I bring to my practice reflect my interest in, and understanding of, athletics.

Be sure to visit my Massage Therapy FAQs page to find answers to questions you might have about the relevance of Massage Therapy in your particular situation.

I look forward to working with you!


Krysta Whitney RMT,

519 515-4224


Review my “Who Can Benefit” and “Testimonials” pages if you are uncertain about the overall health benefits of Massage Therapy.

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