Rest is the best medicine

Sometimes, rest is the best medicine. And it’s free! But for many of us, we so under value the benefits of simply resting. I am reminded of its importance this month as I am on sabbatical from my massage practice. Into my second week I am feeling unproductive and lazy and exhausted. How could this be?? I’m eating well, doing my daily yoga, getting light activity and getting lot’s of sleep. Maybe it’s all the Olympic TV time I’ve had. That surely is the reason. Watching the women’s sprint cross country ski yesterday elevated my heart rate while at rest. Then there was the heart stopping women’s hockey, Canada vrs. USA today. Now I’m watching the men’s cross country 10km pursuit. Exhausting!

What perfect timing to rest. Watching all of these amazing athletes do all this work has given me my opportunity to rest. I sure hope they get theirs after theses games are done!

Go Canada Go!!!!

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