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Massage Therapy and Sports Recovery

Well, it’s finally been scientifically proven. Not that I as a practising Massage Therapist of 18 years didn’t already know, or the many clients I have massaged didn’t know. I guess it takes a group of scientist to qualify it. Massage Therapy helps in muscle recovery. Finally, it’s out there! Below is an article from the New York Times. Give a read! If you have any further questions on how Massage Therapy will benefit you in reducing injuries, minimize inflammation, and enhance muscle recovery please call me to discuss or to book an appointment. Or see my FAQ’s page on

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As well, have a look at this great youtube video on heli skiers at Mike Weigele Helicopter Skiing in Blue River BC  ( I worked there for a winter) Massage Therapy enabled many to ski 100,000 vertical feet in a week, thanks to daily massages!