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Massage Therapy and Pregnancy

After  multiple attempts at getting pregnant, my client is happily “in that way”. Twins no less! At only 11 weeks, her body is adapting and changing daily. Lower back pain is a common occurrence for pregnant women. Imagine how much widening the pelvis will have to do to accommodate the growing twins. Massage therapy helps to gently soften fascia and underlying tissue to allow the skeletal structure to expand. With use of my Body Works bolsters, I will be able to massage her in a side lying position right up to term. After attending a yoga class earlier that morning, I was reminded of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy as well. A simple child’s pose to help relieve low back pain and modified corpse pose, known as svashana, work wonderfully together. If you are interested in more information on how my massage services can help assist you with pregnancy aches and pains, please take a look at the FAQ’s Page on or call 519 515.4224

Cheers, Krysta